lundi 8 février 2021

War On Women

Je profite encore une fois du prétexte du vélo pour partager une vidéo (presque un tract à vrai dire) du groupe War On Women qui se dispense de commentaires.
War On Women, Glass City
Get off your high horse
Get on the fucking floor
You know what to do
Yeah, I feel it, too
Like something is not good enough
Is it missing? Who’s in on it?
Just what are they not telling you?
You gotta do the work just like a dude
Keep your head down. Put the time in
Don’t piss off the big boss man
The ground is shaking under you

If the cards are stacked against you
It doesn’t matter what’s in your hand
And I know it’s not just this city
What? Is the wage gap not big enough to get your ego through?
Fuck your personal anecdotes about women making more than you
Playing one of the guys, yeah it gets real tired
“You can’t change it, so why fight it?”
It’s time to realize that they are failing you

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