jeudi 20 février 2020

Riding bikes

Me and Ted were small and riding bikes along the wall
Stealing things and breaking things
I have my back, he had his, each one had the others'
Doing things that made us whole and something close to brothers

Time has changed, the strangest things come matters of contention
Some of the things we've had to do I'm not about to mention
I won't second-guess something, done the panic of the moment
I'll admit the scale requires something like atonement
And then I answer to require answers of this town
Put your folks together, Ted, shit is coming down when I'm riding bikes!
I'm riding bikes!
I'm riding bikes!
Riding bikes!
Riding bikes!
I'm riding bikes !

Riding bikes, Shellac, Dude Incredible

Petit Steve Albini cultivait déjà une attitude hostile et radicale : de la pratique du vélo à la guitare rien n'a trop changé.

Petite explication de texte pour ceux et celles qui le souhaitent :

"Riding Bikes" One word: "vandalism"

"Riding Bikes" is in the context of children or adolescents riding bikes, where it's a mindset and an activity put together. Like, you and your friends go riding bikes and that implies a certain degree of intimacy or closeness with your friends. You're not just riding bikes, you're having adventures, you're breaking things, you're stealing things, you're causing minor vandalism — all that sort of stuff.

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